Even though Clocolan was the second smallest district in the country, the amount of fuel used by tractors, lead to the oil industry building the first large fuel depot in in Clocolan.

The agricultural community was prosperous and modern.  An annual agricultural show would allow them to see all the modern equipment and also allow them to show cattle and horses.

The Clocolan  Agricultural Society came into being and in 1951 the first show was held.

In the following years the show was held annually. There were sections for grain, cattle, exhibitions and entertainment.

Some of the people who were involved over the years, were among others Breda van Reenen, Villiera Viljoen, Jan Viljoen from Van Aardtsdraai, Paul Viljoen, Rina Viljoen, Roelie Jordaan, Frans Pieterse and Hennie Swanepoel.

In 1987 a section for veteran tractors and engines became part of the show.

In 1995 the municipality gave the Agricultural Society the option to buy the land. The option was taken up and today the property belongs to the Clocolan Agricultural Society.

From 1998 the show has taken the form of annual veteran show.